Yoga/Mindful Movement

Yoga in the Park

4 Tuesday Classes: May 7th- May 28th

6:00 – 7:15 PM or 7:30 – 8:45 PM $50 ($20 / single drop in)

Yoga in the Park is Back! We meet in the park just past the end of Lexington Street on the right, under the old growth trees.  In case of rain we will meet at the Sukhasala on 81 Lexington Street in New Britain.  Classes are for all levels of practitioners and new students are welcome.  Our themes will include Metta (loving kindness meditation) and creating your own Sadhana (personal spiritual practice) in small steps.

“I am halfway through my second year in Jenn’s yoga class. Never having taken a yoga class before, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would even like yoga. I discovered that being in Jenn’s class was not intimidating at all since she takes into account all of her students’ abilities and individual challenges, and helps us in a gentle but motivating manner to do the best we can. Jenn tries to help us by zoning in on problem areas of our body that we are experiencing that day.  I also feel better when I end class than when I began it. We have a lot of laughs in between, and when I get home,  I always feel so relaxed and de-stressed that I look forward to the best night’s sleep of the entire week.” – Lorraine T.

“What in your life is calling you, When all the noise is silenced, The meetings adjourned…The lists laid aside, And the Wild Iris blooms By itself In the dark forest…What still pulls on your soul?” ~Rumi

In our yoga sessions you are encouraged to reunite with what pulls on your soul. To live your one most unique life that only you can live to its fullest.  To find your hearts innermost wisdom that speaks so softly that you by exploring the depths of silence to hear it. We slowly unfold the layers of Yoga.

So what exactly is Yoga?
”Yoga” literally translated means ‘union’ or ‘to yolk’ – to bring together the breath and the body, the awareness and the breath, the witness self with the senses, the seen with the seer, the small self with the greater Self.

Simply summarized by the First Yoga Sutra in the ancient text attributed to Patanjali: ”Yoga is the uniting of the consciousness in the heart.” (translation by Nischala Joy Devi)

So Yoga, one could ponder, is a journey from the head down into the heart. A journey from our literal, busy, analytical mind, down to our sensational vibrant heart. A heart through which we can experience whatever arises with acceptance and ease. When the struggle dissolves we are left existing in contentment and bliss.

Join us if you are inspired not only to move and stretch but to breathe, and to unite with something greater than your minds small idea of “I,” “me,” or “mine.” Whenever possible we offer our yoga classes in a circle. A circle represents unity, and suggest equality in value of each participant.  it connects individuals in community and allows each to see the whole.

We offer small group classes and private/semi-private sessions. In our classes we will explore several of the following elements:

* Yoga Asana (physical postures for opening up blockages in the body so one can live in optimal health and ultimately to be able to sit with ease in meditation)
* Pranayama (breathing techniques used to control the breath, ultimately freeing the breath. This offers the body a bounty of Prana or Life Force)
* Meditation (to discover Truth and Freedom)
* Deep Relaxation (for health and rejuvenation)
* Proper Diet  (exploring the Prana of food)
* Positive Thinking  (for well being and health)
* Singing (Bahkti Yoga of the devotional heart – to eradicate suffering and cultivate gratitude and joy)
* Selfless Service (Karma Yoga – to cultivate the heart through connection and humility)


The duration and rate for group classes varies and the investment for private yoga sessions is $150 for a 90 minute session. These sessions will be co-created with you to fit your current needs.  Please call to discuss possible study with Jenn as a private student or to book a semi-private session for you and your friend(s), family member(s), or co-worker(s).

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