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“While my husband and I have had 5 yoga instructors, Jenn is the only yoga teacher. We love taking yoga with her!” – Susan Hart

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Join us for a Workshop on December 8th that will transform, enliven and enlighten!

This special collaboration is a unique blend of modalities utilized to facilitate expansion in all the layers of our being…

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DESCRIPTION: The Enneagram, Yoga & Cherokee Bodywork ~ Each personality type manifests specific patterns in the body.  Learn how to open blocked energy pathways with movement and breathing tools rooted in the wisdom of Yoga & Cherokee Bodywork. Discover how to expand beyond the boundaries of personality. Experience more freedom and understanding in all aspects of life and relationships!

This program will be illuminating for massage therapists, yoga practitioners, counselors, coaches and all those interested in personal development.

LOCATION: The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance (56 Arbor Street Suite 411, Hartford CT 06106). For more info please contact Jenn at 917-676-5438 or

Led by Jennifer Cormier (LMT) is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Cherokee Bodywork, a Bhakti Yoga Teacher, the founder of the wellness studio Sukhasala and a core collaborator with Scapegoat Garden & Shari Lynn Jesteadt (E-RYT) is a Yoga Teacher, an Enneagram Facilitator and a personal development guide.


Previous 2013 Special Workshops:

4th annual Buffalo Hunt Ceremony for Sustainability and Abundance with Lewis and Barb!
~ January 18th -20th (Fri-Sun)
Friday:     7-9:30
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday :  12:30 – 3:30

(times may be subject to a change)

At the Garden Center for Contemporary Dance in Hartford, CT
56 Arbor Street Suite 411
Come Sing, Dance, Drum, Create and Play to awaken the Spirit of the Buffalo!  Celebrate Abundance and Community and be inspired to set intentions for the New Year. This is a time to gather in Ceremony in both Meditation and Celebration!  All are welcome. (There will be face painting and other fun creations for all ages)
Donations requested, however no one will be turned away.  Since this weekend centers around a culmination of Sacred Ceremony there is no set fee.  Suggested Donation from $150-250 offset the weekends expenses and help to support the works of the Coyote Institute.
There is no formal pre-registration, however,
we’d love an estimation so please respond to Jenn at this email
if you plan on coming!  (also feel free to email me with any questions or call 917-676-5438)
Mark your Calendar Looking Ahead:
April 5-7th
July TBA
October 18-20th
The confirmed July weekend will be sent very soon along with descriptions of each weekend.
Introduction to the Buffalo Hunt and Mask Construction
NOTE on Friday please wear work cloths / bring a cover up!
NOTE Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco may be used and burned throughout the weekend.
Ritual Masks will be made with plaster gauze and stories will be told.
Each participant can choose to make a partial or full-life mask using their own face ora plastic face form. Drumming and Chanting will ensue to welcome spirits to the Ceremony.
This evening we will learn about the fall rituals used by the Native Peoples of the Northern Plains to prepare for the Winter Buffalo Hunts.
In its symbolic meaning, the Buffalo refers to that which sustains the people and gives them strength and endurance.
The Buffalo as spirit is the companion to Wi, the Sun, and provides an important source of healing to the people.
We will explore the historical origins of a ceremony which can be re-enacted in modern times to prepare the people for the literal and metaphorical winter, to seek strength and endurance for the winter season to be sustained into the spring.
Finishing/Decorating Masks, Assembling Buffalo Bundles, and
Creating the Ceremony
The Buffalo Hunt Bundle sits at the heart of the ceremony. It contains sacred objects related to the Buffalo thru which the Buffalo Spirit enters.  We will explore how to create a group bundle and personal bundles. We will bless the objects residing in the bundles and co-create a ritual for all of us to enact together that puts us in harmony and balance with the natural and supernatural worlds.
Northern Plains Winter Buffalo Ritual
We will individually and collectively define what a “good winter hunt” means for us and this will be followed by a full enactment of our collective ceremony.
We will conclude with a traditional Pipe Ceremony.
These Rituals are part of the Northern Plains Cultures of Native North America, part of the heritage of Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona’s Father.


Monthly Healing Circles are held at 81 Lexington Street and are free.  We invite friends, family, students, clients and those wishing to be healing for one another.  Our next circle will be TBA

Deep Care for the Spine and Spirit!

~ a workshop utilizing Yoga and Thai Massage Tools for Spinal Health.

Deep Care for the Spine and Spirit!
~ a workshop utilizing Yoga and Thai Massage
Tools for Spinal Health.
Join Corrina and Jenn for a Luxurious afternoon of Relaxation and Renewal while taking real steps to care deeply for the core of your being – your spine!  We will be exploring the 7 movements of the spine, though simple Yoga tools you can take home with you and through simple Thai Techniques.
Expect to feel amazing!
There will be angelic music, Deep breathing, and you will walk away with cozy feeling of well-being, community, and a new spark for acting in self compassion. This workshop will likely be the first of a series – details to follow.
Sunday February 24th
1PM – 4PM
@ The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance
56 Arbor Street, Hartford.  Forth floor, Suite 411
(The large building in front of Real Art Ways)
What to bring,
*your yoga mat
*a towel and/or firm pillow
*an item that holds meaning at the core of your being for our altar.
*a journal
*a friend or two!
(note: this is not a ‘partner’ workshop where you are required to bring a friend)
For more information and to register
or Corrina at

SPECIAL Weekend Workshop:
Ceremony, Ritual and Sacred Drama for Healing with LEWIS MEHL-MADRONA & BARBARA MAINGUY assisted by Jenn Cormier

Friday July 26th – Sunday 28th, 2013 @ The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance in Hartford, CT. 56 Arbor St. Suite 411

In this unique Coyote workshop, we will experience and create ceremony, ritual and sacred drama, in order to practice opening up that dialogue with the energies of self-healing.

Ceremony, ritual and sacred drama are part of the healing practices of many cultures. Dance, mask, music, theatre, poetry all combine in ceremonial enactments to bring in the forces of health and release the forces of illness.  In our daily lives, we build ritual and ceremony to create the physical and spiritual space for a sacred dialogue with the forces of nature.  Within that space, we welcome the dawn, greet the twilight, purify, seek vision and invite the participation of the spiritual. These practices are important not only for their cultural meaning, but for their work as healing energy medicine practices. Moving our bodies in space and engaging in the physical practice of sacred drama calls our awareness to our minds as embodied, and deepens and enhances the powerful effect on our self-healing by releasing the mind/body energy blocks that impede our ability to flow in the world.

Friday: 6-8pm (suggested donation, $35)

Saturday: 9-5:30pm (suggested donation $150)

Sunday: 12-6:30 (suggested donation $150)

Entire weekend suggested donation $300, no one will be turned away.

To register and hold your space send a check for $35 made out to ‘sukhasala’ -with the day(s) you are planning to attend in the comments line.

For more information and to register call Jenn at 917-676-5438

SPECIAL Weekend Workshop:
CHEROKEE BODYWORK with Dr. LEWIS MEHL-MADRONA MD PhD assisted by Barbara Mainguy and Jenn Cormier

Friday October 18th – Sunday October 20th, 2013

A special opportunity to Experience and Heal with Cherokee Bodywork and Native American Practices with Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD, PhD.

Almost all indigenous cultures had direct, hands-on methods of healing, and the Cherokee were no exception. Learn the Cherokee art of healing touch, a form of bodywork that is rarely encountered today.

The workshop includes:

  • Supervised practice of Cherokee bodywork
  • Cherokee breathwork techniques, as a means of restoring spirit to all parts of the body
  • The incorporation of imagery and dialogue into bodywork
  • The importance of ceremony, ritual, and intent in bodywork
  • Cherokee use of acupressure, energy meridians, crystals, and energy medicine

As we complete our time together with a prayer ritual, we ask for a blessing on the healing work we have done and the continuing journey that lies before us.

The program:

Thursday October 17th  ~ 7:00 – 9:00 pm Healing Circle / Intro to Cherokee Bodywork with Jenn Cormier  (This day only held in New Britain CT @ the Sukhasala) – by donation

Friday Oct 18th ~ 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm Cherokee Bodywork – Day 1

Sat Oct 19th  ~ 10 am – 6 pm – Day 2 (lunch break from 1-2:30)

Sun Oct 20th ~ 10 am – 4:30 pm – Day 3

Those with a depth of experience in Bodywork and Healing Arts and those seeking healing will benefit from this weekend. Lewis invites massage therapists and bodyworkers as well as those without prior bodywork experience to this program, saying, “Some will want to practice giving more and some receiving more. It’s definitely a more indigenous way of teaching, but it works.” This program can accommodate people with serious illness.

All are welcome and you may to come all or to any portion of this weekend event.

Suggested Donations To the Coyote Institute:

Friday Only: $100
Saturday Only: $150
Sunday Only: $150
All 3 Days: $300

Your generosity is appreciated – no one will be turned away. Please bring your massage table if you have your own.

The workshop will be held at The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance in Hartford (56 Arbor Street, Hartford CT).  Look for the RAW: Real Art Ways signs – there is plenty of parking on the sides and back of the building.  From the main lobby take the elevator to the 4th floor suite 411.

CE CREDITS: The full Three Day Workshop Offers 16 CE hours for Massage Therapists (NCBTMB) – Notify Jenn or Barb on Friday that you’ll be needing credit, this will require an additional $25 check due on Friday, you’ll need to sign in and attend every hour of the workshop, and you will receive your certificate on Sunday.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine and trained in family medicine, psychiatry, and clinical psychology. He has been on the faculties of several medical schools, most recently as associate professor of family medicine at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. He is working with aboriginal communities to develop uniquely aboriginal styles of healing and health care for use in those communities. He is also currently working with Am’rita, Inc., to develop a program for people with schizophrenia that involves healing through community. The author of Coyote Medicine, Coyote Healing, and Coyote Wisdom, a trilogy of books on what Native culture has to offer the modern world, he is of Cherokee and Lakota heritage.

Barbara Mainguy, MA is a creative arts therapist, with a background in art philosophy and psychology. She completed her MA thesis on the connections between Lakota healing traditions and psychotherapy. She works with Lewis in his practice in Brattleboro, Vermont, and co-teaches with him in workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Jennifer Cormier has been practicing somatic healing and bodywork since 2003. She is a licensed massage therapist in CT #6951 and OR #16470.  Jenn believes that it is of utmost importance to carry traditional healing forward and is honored to be a part of Cherokee Bodywork’s living tradition.  It is her mission to bring massage out of the spas and luxury hiding places and bring it into community – to friends and family wanting a deeper way to connect with themselves and each other.



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