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SELF-DISCOVERY FOR YOUR WHOLE HUMAN POTENTIAL ~ Sunday, December 8th 2013, 12:30-4:30pm in Hartford, CT Space is limited. Reserve yours now! $45 in advance, $54 at the door.

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DESCRIPTION: The Enneagram, Yoga & Cherokee Bodywork ~ Each personality type manifests specific patterns in the body.  Learn how to open blocked energy pathways with movement and breathing tools rooted in the wisdom of Yoga & Cherokee Bodywork. Discover how to expand beyond the boundaries of personality. Experience more freedom and understanding in all aspects of life and relationships!

This program will be illuminating for massage therapists, yoga practitioners, counselors, coaches and all those interested in personal development.

LOCATION: The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance (56 Arbor Street Suite 411, Hartford CT 06106). For more info please contact Jenn at 917-676-5438 or

Led by Jennifer Cormier (LMT) is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Cherokee Bodywork, a Bhakti Yoga Teacher, the founder of the wellness studio Sukhasala and a core collaborator with Scapegoat Garden & Shari Lynn Jesteadt (E-RYT) is a Yoga Teacher, an Enneagram Facilitator and a personal development guide.

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