Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy & Mission:

“Jenn brings the gentle, graceful joy of her focused spiritual practice to her skilled hands-on therapy. I always feel so cared for when receiving from her, and experience a great sense relief from muscle tensions and emotional discomforts afterwards.” – Karin Kiteley, Licensed Massage Therapist

Every human needs connection.
We believe that embodiment is meant to be celebrated and revered.
We believe that healing happens by restoring our essential connections with each other, the natural world and ourselves.
Our mission is to empower you in discovering a fuller,
more joyful and connected self.
Sukhasala supports great work around the world.
These are some of the 501c3 not-for profit organizations
that we support with donations:
Scapegoat Garden
Center for Sacred Studies
The 13 Grandmothers
International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice
The Coyote InstituteIf you’d like to donate to Sukhasala please know that while we are not a non-profit at this time, your money will go to support our growth and development as an organization and is greatly appreciated!We are committed to offering sliding scale pricing for many of our services to allow all who are interested to participate and receive.

Massage/Bodywork ~ Harmonyum Healing ~ Yoga/Mindful Movement ~ Doula Services ~ Group Circles