Why make Massage a priority in everyday life?

Massage is most commonly known in our mainstream culture for its deep relaxation benefits and its effects on the physical body. Research has shown massage to be effective in relieving chronic pain, depression symptoms, carpal tunnel symptoms, anxiety and stress, muscle soreness, low back pain, easing withdrawal symptoms, treating cancer-related fatigue, and easing pregnancy, labor pain and stress.  Massage is also proven to improve range of motion in joints, boost the effectiveness of the immune system, and balance regulate the nervous system.  Massage enables the body to shift into rest and digest mode, something that is essential for everyday optimal functioning of all the bodies systems.

“Jenn is a fantastic body therapist, with an experienced and felt understanding of body mechanics. I have thoroughly  enjoyed receiving Therapeutic Massage from Jenn. Her practice is imbued with both a deep understanding of the physical and energetic body as well as the inherently joyful pleasure of heart-to-heart embodiment. What I love the most about Jenn is her loving, joyful and devotional heart; she is sincere, humble and deeply loving – and everything she does is filled with that love.” -Wahkeena Sitka, artist, vocalist, healer

According to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork only one quarter of Americans have received massage in the past twelve months. Although the number of people discovering massage for it’s rehabilitation, health, rejuvenation, and relaxation benefits, so many still see massage as a luxury reserved for a spa.

As our society’s focus shifts from medical treatments of disease to prioritizing health through prevention of disease and true health care, massage is one of the most basic and most enjoyable ways to care for ones own body and ones own health. It is a true long term investment in your body.

Beyond these very valid medical benefits on the physical body, we acknowledge and value massage as an avenue to healing. Massage has a power to reconnect people back to the innermost root of themselves, their inner healer, and to each other.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona often talks about healing as a relational event. Healing, he says, cannot be done in isolation. One must be connected to heal. This is what Massage offers. One-to-one sessions do this and workshops and community clinics offer this in a more macro way – connecting people with several people at a time, restoring a sense of belonging and of support that is one of our most basic human needs.

What kind of Massage do you offer?
Jenn’s sessions are a unique blend of her training in Thai Massage, Cherokee Bodywork, and Western Massage School. She will offer you whatever her intuition and the spirits move her to do – this may include bits of the above techniques along with a spattering of knowledge and wisdom from the Yoga and Pilates lineage (including active and passive movement) that are utilized when necessary to great benefit to the receiver. How long will my Massage last, and what is the investment?
50 minute session is $100
80 minute session
is $150
How should I prepare for my Massage?
Consider what your intention is for your session and what in you is asking for healing. What shall I wear?
You will remain fully clothed for your Massage. Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. Long sleeved shirts and long pants that are big and made of natural fibers are preferable.What should I bring?
An open mind.
A deep breath.
Feel free to bring a loved one to sit in the room to experience your session with you, or if we have two practitioners available, you may be able to book a side by side session.


We offer massage in traditional and innovative ways, so that all people can receive at least the same quality and quantity of massage as George the Cat and Daisy the Dog soak in daily.

We value the healing effect of music and offer live music whenever possible for our workshops/playshops and events.

“Jenn’s massage was wonderful and was among the best I’ve ever had. Her massage is an inspired combination of training and improvisation.  Unlike any massage I’ve had in the past, Jenn’s massage helped to release many places of tension and blocked energy, and helped me acutely with body awareness.”  –  Steven Dominguez, Licensed Massage Therapist 

We bring Bodywork Education to all who are interested. Our Massage Workshops can be geared to a group with specific needs, such as dancers, or can be offered to any group of people interested in learning.  We are committed to empowering individuals to learn the basics of kind touch and to be able to give and receive simple massage with friends and family.

We offer side by side sessions, four handed massages, community massage clinics, educational workshops, and on-site bodywork for hospitals and health care practitioners, teachers, doulas, and any private or public organization that would like to offer their staff an opportunity to deeply care for themselves.

We look forward to connecting you back to your Self.


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