Harmonyum Healing

“As a friend and a client of Jenn, I am aware of and comforted by her deep spiritual practice — and that it has been a life-way of hers for some time. This practice of hers is felt in her presence as a massage therapist and it graciously finds its way into her hands.” -Lindsay Wilson

Harmonyum Healing is Bio-Physical Medicine based on the Universal Principals of Kabbalah.  This energetic healing system uproots karmic patterns by working on the conciousness of the reciever.  Come receive this deeply relaxing and sacred healing if you long for a deep shift in your life and are ready for change.

It is recommended to begin with a series of seven sessions. While coming for a one time session will be beneficial, this is the most effective cycle.  Effects vary for each person and results are cumulative.


Receivers of Harmonyum are asked to wear comfortable clothes, (as all our sessions are offered with you fully clothed).  The sessions usually utilize a massage table and are given prone or supine (with the receiver lying face down or up), and they can also be given in the side-lying position or seated.

“Sukhasala is a sacred healing space. I just want to luxuriate in the presence of its founder Jenn. She is one of the most gifted bodyworkers I’ve ever met and she carries about her such love and peace. Jenn has truly inspired me to lead a more aware and joyful life!” – Shari J


Sessions last 50 minutes and the investment is $150.
Packages of seven are offered for $1,000.
Children and teenagers can also receive Harmonyum;
we offer 25 minute sessions for those 12 years and under for $60.


More information about Harmonyum can be found here:

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