Rev. Jennifer Cormier is a Ceremonial Artist and an Earth-based interfaith minister ordained by the Center for Sacred Studies. She has lived as a visual, movement, healing, and performing artist.

Jenn received a degree in Fine Art from the College of Charleston, this inspired a spiritual relationship with light while working in black and white film process.  As a longtime collaborator with the New England based creative engine Scapegoat Garden, and the Coyote Institute she learned not only about her body as a powerful and healing force but about the importance of safe space, and the sacredness of witnessing and being witnessed. In years learning from Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD PhD, Jenn gleaned not only experience in practicing Cherokee Bodywork, but about the power of healing with community, song, breath and story.  Through her studies in Thailand Master Ajan Pichet taught her about sensing, not doing, and how to own her worth.  

Jenn is a certified 4 Elemental Mother Ceremonial practitioner with Yeye Omileye. She continues to study the honoring of the 4 Elemental mothers and has learned how things are woven together, and how giving internal offerings and coming from the heart are the most important things.

Jenn is quester and lifelong learner. Her years of study in healing have taught her that medicine ultimately comes in many forms. This is what she has come to believe:

That beauty is medicine. Breath is medicine. Song, silence, and movement are medicine. Meditation and prayer are medicine. That kindness, witnessing, and the natural world are medicine.

Jenn has taken the Staff as Mother, as Healing and Ceremonial Artist, as Minister and Mentor. Rev. Jenn is available to help you take your Staff and find your own medicine.

“Jenn brings the gentle, graceful joy of her focused spiritual practice to her skilled hands-on therapy. I always feel so cared for when receiving from her, and experience a great sense relief from muscle tensions and emotional discomforts afterwards.” – Karin Kiteley, Licensed Massage Therapist

Her teachers include Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.,  Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Sri Swami Sivananda, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, Ouyporn Khuanhaew, Master Ajan Pichet, Jonas Westring, Sara Avant Stover, Joe Pilates, Karen Sanzo, Mary Bowen, Michelle Van Parys, Godfrey Say, The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, The Divine Mother, her parents, the ancestors, her students, George the cat , Daisy the dog, the Earth, and the true teacher that sits in her own heart. Jenn is so grateful to be able to offer a collaborative space to the community where wisdom is shared and healing happens.


Massage/Bodywork ~ Harmonyum Healing ~ Yoga/Mindful Movement ~ Doula Services ~ Group Circles