Sukha-Sala, loosely translated from Sanskrit, means dwelling in joy and ease.  It is a state of being that can only be experienced when awake in the present moment.  We are a collaborative healing community that is committed to exploring and celebrating embodiment. We believe that healing happens by restoring our essential connections with each other, the natural world, and ourselves.

“Jenn has a deeply compassionate and playful presence that inspires tight muscles to relax, frowns to soften and hearts to grow hopeful. From yoga to massage, her talents weave technical expertise with intuitive sensing.” Annabelle Berrios, a satisfied friend/client

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Jennifer Cormier, LMT and founder, has created a physical home for Sukhasala in New Britain, Connecticut.  Come visit us here for a Massage, a Yoga private or semi-private session, a Harmonyum Healing, to talk about our Doula services, or to enjoy a small workshop or healing circle.  We also will come to you for an event or specialty workshop. We host our larger workshops at The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance in Hartford.  We work both with set fees and with open sliding scale donations depending on the service. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Massage/Bodywork ~ Harmonyum Healing ~ Yoga/Mindful Movement ~ Doula Services ~ Group Circles